5 Gifts for People Who love Pets for than Humans

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Need some inspiration? Here we compiled some good ideas for your human friends and their pets. They'll both love you for it ♥

Ready? Here we go...

1- Furry Runner Coat

Super warm and insulated faux fur lined dog coat, top zipper closure. D ring design for leash attachment. Step in design easy on the legs, stretch around the chest, belly fully covered, easy zip on top with snap buttons, vintage design with faux fur lining. And it also comes in beige.

2- Varsity Style 100% Organic Wool Dog Sweater

New take on the Boyfriend Sweater . Handmade by Artisans in South America, these sweaters fit perfect and wash well. High cut belly with no straps or buckles. They fit all broad chested dogs like Pitbulls and English bulldogs as well as Grate Danes.Buy here $42.99

3- Red Plaid / Tartan Dog Collar

Made in the USA. The quality and craftsmanship of these collars is amazing. Buy here $20


4- Cargo and Back Seat Cover

They are so colorful and you can throw them in the wash, much easier than trying to get all the dog hair from the back seat, right?


5- Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvets

My dog loves them, I love them, my kids love lying on them while watching TV. Everyone wins .You stuff them with old clothes, blankets, etc.. and I don't know if it is because they smell familiar or because they can "nest" in it ( depending on how much filling you use) but dogs love them. Time to refresh? put it all in the wash. Buy here $ 34.95


Hungry for more? stop by Etsy, they have a great selection.Enjoy the Holidays!




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