Pets Kidney Rejuvenator 100% Organic Formula

Pets Kidney Rejuvenator 100% Organic Formula

Amber Naturalz

  • $ 31.97

Kidney Rejuvenator helps rid toxins out of the blood, cleanse the urinary tract system, promote proper kidney function and reduces inflammation.

Kidney Rejuvenator is designed to help your pet's overall urinary tract system function better allowing the kidneys to filter out the harmful toxins that may be causing your pet to develop diseases or show signs of age at early onset.

Kidney Rejuvenator helps your pet feel better and look healthier!Packed with antioxidants! This natural blend of herbs may help with:

  • Normal kidney function
  • Cleans the urinary tract, assists in urinary tract infections
  • Helps eliminate kidney stones
  • For renal failure, use Kidney Rejuvenator along with Urinary Tract Relief and Life Cell Support
  • Normal urine PH
  • Normal purification process of foreign contaminates
  • For use in canines, felines, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs only.
  • This product ships FIRST CLASS (72 hours) at no extra cost to you.

Kidney Rejuvenator can be given daily or just when extra help is needed. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

Directions for Use: For canines and felines: Give 1 time daily. Long term use: give a 5 day break every 30 to 180 days. For birds, rabbits and guinea pigs: Add 20 drops to every 8 oz. of water.

What are the ingredients? Amber Technology's ingredients are Organic, Wildcraftyed, Non-GMO and Kosher. Ingredients: Lemon, Pine Needles, Uva Ursi Leaf, Yarrow, White Willow Bark, Goldenseal Root,
Mullein Leaf, Blessed Thistle, Parsley Leaf, Cloves, Hyssop, Rosemary Leaf.


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