Ibiza on Springtime Ribbon Dog Collar

Diva Dog

  • $ 28.00

Springtime on a festive Spanish island - not a bad place to vacation! Or, if you're dog is a diva, it's a great dog collar to prance around in on the daily walk. This style is available in a "bright" palette of hot pinks, red, and fiery orange as well as a "dark" and dramatic palette of rich gold, violet and turquoise set against a deep chocolate brown background.

All-metal buckles: Our whisper-weight aluminum buckles weigh less than an ounce!

  •  Adjustable collar made of soft nylon overlaid
  • Durable ribbon
  • All metal buckles that weight less than 1oz.
  • Quintuple stitched at stress points for added strength
  • Exclusive Design Made in the USA
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Get your Matching Leash for a perfect set!

Sizing Available:

M/L: 1 in. x 16-24 in.
XL  : 1 in. x 24-32 in.

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